About us

Company MERXON, by forming a team of experienced and qualified staff, provide high quality of our products. Reliability of the furniture function the company achieves thanks to the use fittings of reliable companies, i.e.: BLUM, HAFELE, HETTICH as well as FGV, GTV and STAR.

The satisfaction of our customers is a result of the comprehensive offer and the services provided. Depending on Your expectations, we will make the necessary measurements and findings; we will advise in the selection of finishing materials and we will present our own proposals for furniture.

For your security, every order will be preceded by the implementation of the final design of the furniture.
In our offer we also provide delivery and installation.

Furniture is made on the basis of:

– laminated furniture board,
– laminated boards,
– natural wood veneers (veneers),
– varnished MDF, also high-polished furniture very popular RECENTLY,
– and other materials and technologies, depending on the requirements of our Clients.

Due to our focus on customer satisfaction, all products are made with care, until their final assembly.
The motto of our company is Your satisfaction!

We invite you warm to cooperation and contact with our office.

Thomas Merek – The owner